Little People, Big Dreams: Rosa Parks

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Little People, Big Dreams: Rosa Parks

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Little People, Big Dreams: Rosa Parks

Author: Kaiser, Lisbeth

Description: In the Little People, Big Dreamsseries, discover the lives of outstanding people, from designers and artists to scientists. All of them achieved incredible things, yet each began life as a child with a dream. Rosa Parks grew up during segregation in Alabama, but she was taught to respect herself and stand up for her rights. In 1955, Rosarefused to give up her seat to a white man on a segregated bus, sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Her decision had a huge impact on civil rights, eventually leading to the end of segregation on public transport. Rosa has been described as The Mother of the Freedom Movement;this inspiring story of her life features a facts and photos



ISBN: 9781786030177

Publish Date: 23/08/2017

Page Count: 32